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What Is A Mole?

Megan Ahmed, founder and practitioner of Desert Sage Dermatology, provides routine mole checks for patients in the Greater Scottsdale, AZ area. The majority of people have a mole of some type on their body somewhere. A mole is a lesion on the skin that results from a bundle of colored skin cells. During mole checks, we examine, measure, and record the size, shape, and growth of moles on the body to make certain they're safe and not cancerous or changing. They may be brown, black, or a combination of colors and can appear alone or in groups. Moles may also be flush with the skin or seem like a round bulge. Although many are benign, some may develop into cancer. If you have moles on your body and are unsure about the severity of them, or if one becomes bothersome, it is necessary to inform a professional — especially if one begins to change in size or shape or begins to itch or bleed. Use the ABCDE rule to pay attention to different factors that may indicate whether a mole may be cancerous.

  • Asymmetrical: They aren't even or equivalent in dimension when cut in half.
  • Borders: They have scalloped or jagged edges.
  • Color: They begin to change color or have an irregular color.
  • Diameter: They're larger than six millimeters in size.
  • Evolves: They start to evolve (change or grow) in color, shape, size, or height.


Treatment Options for Moles

Moles usually do not need treatment unless they become suspicious, cancerous, cause irritation or discomfort, or become an aesthetic problem. In these situations, nurse practitioner Megan may want to excise the mole(s). For surgical excision, the region near the mole is locally numbed and a scalpel or similar tool will be utilized to eliminate the mole and a bit of the surrounding skin cells. The wound will then be closed with sutures. If the mole is flush with the skin, a surgical shaving method may be used where the area is numbed and a small blade is used to cut around and beneath the mole. Stitches are not required for this technique. Melanoma skin cancers are considered to be malignant and tend to spread to other parts of the body and begin in melanocytes or cells that provide color to the skin.

Dr. Ahmed was absolutely excellent! She is knowledgeable, very informative, and I learned a lot from her today regarding treatments and being proactive about wrinkle prevention, brown spot fading and cryotherapy for moles.

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Whether you find a mole that is unattractive or bothersome or one that is odd in appearance (which may potentially be a sign of melanoma), it is time to contact Desert Sage Dermatology to figure out your treatment choices. Our Scottsdale, AZ office specializes in treating a large array of moles, from those that are harmless to cancerous ones. If we find that you have a mole that is at risk, we will select the right approach for your treatment. We are dedicated to providing you with the level of treatment that you need and deserve.

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