LEt's Party!

Our DSD team loves to join you and your friends for a great time. Host your friends and family and we’ll come provide a VIP treatment.

Host Benefits

What we supply

DSD will bring a complementary bottle of champagne as well as a goodie bag for each guest containing skincare products. Each goodie bag will also have a 20% off card for their first visit to DSD. We will also provide 20% off any packages purchased at the Botox party for future use.


To schedule a party, a $300 deposit is required. The deposit is to be paid by the host to DSD at the time of booking. The $300 deposit will be refunded to the host (by either original method of payment or credit toward DSD services) if (1) the minimum  number of guests attend the event,  (2) if you need to cancel or reschedule the Botox party and do so at least 7 days in advance.

If 7 days’ notice is not given, the full deposit will be added to the host’s DSD account for credit. If cancellation (including rescheduling) occurs 48hrs or less in advance of the scheduled event, the host will forfeit the full deposit.

Additional Info

Minimum 4 guests (not including host) per party.
Maximum 10 guests (not including host) per party.
We ask that the host provide a list of attendees with the first name, last name and phone number of each guest at least 24 hours prior to the event.

DSD Botox Party Pricing

60 units $9.00/unit
40 units $10.00/unit